November 30

Taken with the sunset filter on my camera. It was actually still light. :-)

November 29

Cloud formation, November 29

November 28

Piper on Patrick's bed, November 28
Cats always know the best places to catch a nap.

November catch-up

Trees at sunset, November 20

Tuatara babies with Patrick's reflection, November 21
This one counts as a 20x20 tick: "take 20 photos of 20 different things", so that's one down!

Bubbles in the sky, November 24

20X20 Project

The lovely Chris from is working on a 50X50 project that  you can see on his tumblr: and I decided to co-opt the idea for myself, but scale it down slightly.

I'm putting it up here because I don't want to clutter with it, and I don't want to start a tumblr - I barely have time to maintain the blogs that I DO have, so this one has been pressed into service for my own little 20X20 project - 20 things of 20 each that I'd like to do. There's no deadline on it, so I'm probably just going to poke at it when I remember. or abandon it totally when I get bored and move on to something else

Anyway, here's my list, which took me way too long to compile, and is heavy on book-related things:

Go to 20 live shows
Find 20 children's classic books to read to/with Patrick
Buy 20 singles by artists I've never heard of
Read 20 novels by Kiwi authors
I've been doing this one by accident, because of my Kiwi YA challenge, and NZ Book month.
So far this year I've read
- Dreamhunter and Dreamquake by Elizabeth Knox
- The Changeover by Margaret Mahy
- Genesis by Bernard Beckett
- August by Bernard Beckett
- The Scarecrow by Ronald Hugh Morrieson
- The 10pm Question by Kate deGoldi
- The Sea-wreck Stranger by Anna Mckenzie
Read 20 novels by authors I've never heard of
Watch 20 classic films, broken down by genre (eg: 5 horror classics, 5 fantasy classics, 5 film noir classics, 5 comedy classics)
- The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (classic horror)
Buy 20 new pieces of clothing
Donate to 20 charities
Cryptic but for it to count I don't want to go into details. So far this year, two charitable donations made
20 Pay it forwards
Try 20 new recipes
Cream of carrot soup:
Crisp-skin soy chicken with spiced salt:
Finish 20 cross stitch projects
Two bookmarks:
Take 20 photos of 20 different things
Take 20 walks in 20 different locations
Read 20 books from my TBR bookcase (that I haven't read before)
Watch 20 seasons of TV on DVD (Blatantly stolen from Chris)
Visit 20 beaches
Go to 20 exhibitions
Make a list of 20 things I've thought "I'd love to know more about that"
Take 20 pictures of Patrick in 20 different locations

November 19

Misty, November 19 (looking very BAMF)

November 15

Flowers in the garden, November 15

Flowers in the garden. I couldn't decide which picture I liked better :-)

November 13

Sam and Patrick, November 13

Accidental close-up because Sam was on my lap and Patrick decided he wanted to occupy the same space.

November 10

Patrick, November 10.

November 9

Sam and Scout, November 9

November 8

Patrick, November 8 (aside: this may be my favourite picture of Patrick :D)

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