Last of the old year, first of the new

Lily, December 31. I rather like the lighting. Which was a complete accident - lol.

Patrick, January 1. Doing some research on dinosaurs. :D


Just for the past few days. I've been horribly slack but here's hoping that's all about to change (We can dream).

So here's my Christmas weekend, sort of.

Piper (front) and Chloe, December 23

My Christmas Day mini-platter of awesome, December 25. Hey, there  were only three of us!

Water baby! December 26

June 14

Lily June 14
My cat likes to hide in boxes ... 

Catch-up post

Winter beach, May 29

Lily June 6

May 22

Crisp-skin soy chicken with spiced salt
From the Women's Weekly Complete Book of Modern Classics. I adapted the recipe a bit - and served it with Uncle Ben's 2-minute rice - lol. It was pretty good, though I wish I'd made more spiced salt - that was really tasty. :-) Also for this: - "try 20 new recipes". :-)

Starting over post, May 15

Soup, May 15
For the 20x20 "try 20 new recipes": This is Cream of Carrot Soup from the book Van Gogh's Table At the Aberge Ravoux by Alexandra Leaf and Fred Leeman. The soup came out thinner and more like a broth than I thought it would (given that I've never made soup before) but the taste was there, so next time I'm going to adjust the quantities of liquid :-)

Catch-up post

From February/March - I've got a bit behind!

I don't have pix from every single day but I do have a few so this will be sort of pic-heavy. I'm also updating my 20x20 project in this post to keep everything together :-)

Patrick, February 18
Now there's  a smile. Accented  by marmite. :-)

Misty (front) and Chloe February 19
I like the funky perspective on this. And the slightly orange light. :-)

Patrick at the playground February 20
20x20: Take 20 photos of Patrick in 20 different locations. 

Patrick outside February 25 
It's amazing how absorbing 1cm of water in the bottom of a laundry basket and  a giant tennis ball can be.

Patrick and Jeremy February 28
The Oscars were too exciting.

The Patrick fort, March 6
Every boy needs his own fort.

Merlin March 6
All legs and tail.

Skittles, March 28
20x20:  Try 20 new foods. I had never had Skittles. They're pretty good.

Patrick April 3
Same playground as above. Jeremy was driving the other side of the seesaw. :-)

Chloe April 4
Technically that's Patrick's toy. I haven't the heart to tell her.

Catch-up post

Patrick and Jeremy, February 14

Patrick "helping" Jeremy with the dishes. The picture is unintentionally blurry but I like it - it captures a certain moment in time that's already passing faster than we realise.

Bookmarks, February 16

It's my sister, Barbara's birthday next month, and I've been very organised, for once. I frayed the edges of the one on the left (obviously - lol) and I'm going to back the other with some coloured card ... once I get some decent glue ...

Patrick, February 17
He's "cooking" <3

January 29

Patrick January 29

January 23

Patrick, January 23

January 15

Fresh raspberries and ice cream January 15

This counts as a 20x20 "Try 20 new foods" entry because before today, I had never eaten fresh raspberries. I had, of course, eaten raspberry FLAVOURED things, but not the real thing itself. And oh, my what a revelation! Soooo good!! Sweet and a little bit tart and juicy and gorgeous. Om nom nom nom nom

December 30

Patrick December 30
Testing out his brand-new trike for the first time :-)

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