Catch-up post

From February/March - I've got a bit behind!

I don't have pix from every single day but I do have a few so this will be sort of pic-heavy. I'm also updating my 20x20 project in this post to keep everything together :-)

Patrick, February 18
Now there's  a smile. Accented  by marmite. :-)

Misty (front) and Chloe February 19
I like the funky perspective on this. And the slightly orange light. :-)

Patrick at the playground February 20
20x20: Take 20 photos of Patrick in 20 different locations. 

Patrick outside February 25 
It's amazing how absorbing 1cm of water in the bottom of a laundry basket and  a giant tennis ball can be.

Patrick and Jeremy February 28
The Oscars were too exciting.

The Patrick fort, March 6
Every boy needs his own fort.

Merlin March 6
All legs and tail.

Skittles, March 28
20x20:  Try 20 new foods. I had never had Skittles. They're pretty good.

Patrick April 3
Same playground as above. Jeremy was driving the other side of the seesaw. :-)

Chloe April 4
Technically that's Patrick's toy. I haven't the heart to tell her.

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